New South Davis Head Coach!

Here are some changes that are happening on the team...

Well this announcement is bittersweet. My family and I will be moving out of state in a few weeks for my husband to take up a new role in the Nebraska government.

This is an exciting and heartbreaking decision for us. I feel great loss leaving the team. I have been a member of South Davis Masters for 9 years and it has become part of my identity as a swimmer and coach. I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to lead this team.

We have had great growth both in numbers and in solidarity. We have all experienced tragedy together and feel the benefits of community as we have learned to rely on one another.

My goal in leading this team is for it to become more than just a group of individuals swimming together. It has become a force for good in our community and a place to find relief from the stresses of life.


Many of you know of my trademarked ‘angry swims’  and the times where I decide to slowly kick and talk rather than complete the set of 200s. The lanes of the pool have become a place to laugh, cry and try to not let the lane next to you get ahead. Thank you for your love, support and funny memes. I am going to miss you all much more than I even know now. 

With the sad comes some good news! I am happy to announce that Aaron Norton will be the new Head Coach of South Davis Masters! Aaron has been a joyful and fun member of our team and will be a great leader to take the team to further growth.

Aaron is originally from Evanston, WY and grew up swimming and competing. He swam as a freestyle sprinter for the University of Utah and served an LDS mission to Colombia, South America. He and his wife Tracie are the proud parents to their son Spencer,16, who attends Farmington High School. Aaron works as an Environmental Analyst for Rocky Mountain Power.  

Aaron is currently the President of Utah Masters, a member of the Northwest Zone board and generally a really nice guy! From his famous Fickle Fingers set (I really don’t like calling it that) and his depth of swimming knowledge I know he will be a great leader for this team. 

With that, I want you all to know how much I love you.  South Davis Masters has become a tribe of friends that just so happen to swim together. We also get a little competitive too…

You all now have a friend and a place to stay in Nebraska. 

Much love, 
Coach Blair 

11th Annual SDM Meet- Veterans Day Classic

Saturday, November 11th

 The South Davis Masters annual swim meet will be held Saturday, November 11th – Veterans Day!

We are excited to swim and pay tribute to our vets. In addition to the AMAZING SHIRTS great swims and awesome prizes we will be offering FREE ENTRY TO ALL VETS!  If you have or are currently serving in the military we want to extend our thanks. This swim meet is not-to-be-missed. 


Want to know about more meets?

Head over to our Swim Meet page and find out about the next opportunities to race! 

Underwater Filming!

Saturday August 19, 2017

Our own Russ Walter has generously offered to do some underwater filming! Come to practice this Saturday at 6am to have a good workout and some underwater filming done! Come and SEE what you are missing! 



3 Reasons To Film your Swim

1.  See weaknesses in your stroke. 

This is the primary reason most seek out coaching and video analysis. If you can see something you are doing, your mind can begin to process the connection to what that feels like in the water. Many times, things feel ‘normal’ or even ‘good’ in the water but when it is caught on on video, you may begin to feel differently. 

3.  Catch opportunities for more POWER! 

Ever feel like your arms are just spinning? Some times that because you just did 200 yards of pulling and now you are attempting to sprint without paddles. Other times and most often, we find ourselves inefficiently moving through the water because we are not paying attention to the all so important catch or power phase of our stroke.  

When you can see yourself under the water, you will be able to see and analyze ( with your eyes at least) what you can do to create more power. 


2.  Become aware of YOUR body positioning. 

I remember watching in the 1996 Olympics a then 14-year-old Amanda Beard racing breaststroke in in a way you have never imagined a body to move. She was so high above the water, almost appearing going vertical with every stroke.

I also remember going to the pool and attempting moving my body just like she did. I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t move my body in the same way. I had a great coach that saw my struggle and explained to me that my body is just that, mine! She helped me custom-fit my breaststroke to me. It helped, a lot. 

By being aware of your own position in the water and knowing your own body, you will be able to create more efficiency and power with every stroke. 

We are not too fancy at the Rec Center with our GoPro, but with some good footage and analysis you will be off and swimming faster and better!