Critical Swim Speed Test RESULTS!

June 2018

We have the results of our beginning of summer CSS Test! The Critical Swim Speed test is a great measure of swimming performance and will help tailor interval workouts to improve your overall speed! 

This test will help identify where your lactate threshold is and allow you to train to your abilities, which will overtime and good training sessions increase. 

Tour of Utah Lakes!

Join your fellow Krabs for a once-in-a-summer experience! Our *unofficial* Tour of Utah Lakes will be Saturday, August 26th! Come swim ONE MILE in SIX LAKES in ONE DAY and then cap it all off at the Rec Center for our Family Summer Party!

All the swimming you could ask for and more!

*Unofficial means there will be no liability insurance and this is not sponsored in any way by the Rec. This is at-your-own-risk swimming with your fellow friends from Masters.