Swimming for Jason

As members of the South Davis Masters Team we consider ourselves a very accepting and friendly swim team. We keep up on each others lives, we go to the movies together and we even swap our zucchini harvest on deck.

It is difficult to describe a team-culture without the individuals that make up the team. When one of our long-time teammates is gone, it alters us as a team.

When we lost Jason, we changed as a team. In some ways we have become stronger- we are more conscious of each other and are more willing to try hard things- Jason would always try hard things in practice, even if he missed the interval.

In other ways we will always feel like something is off, like it isn’t the same and never will be. His cheerful praise and funny jokes. His mustache-of-the-week or even his bow ties as he went off to work. 

It has been 8 months since his death and I still miss that he is not in lane 10 or swimming from lake to lake with the rest of us crazies. I know of the deep grief his wife and family feel for his absence and it is compounding.

Yet, this team-of-teams has bound together, to live life to the fullest and to celebrate a great life that lived. This article is a tribute to a man and a testament to a team who I feel serves of an example of what great personal value comes in community. 


Blair Bagley
Head Coach

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