Flash Mini Meet Series

You just don't know when it's coming...

If you came to practice Thursday or Friday of last week, you were in for a surprise! We held a Flash Mini Meet. A quick intra-squad style meet within practice. Some loved it, some had other words for it…but you all did great! 

Here are the results of the meet: 

Team of Service!

Thank you all who helped in the Wheeler Family Yard project! It was amazing to see such great support!

Thank you for your donations of time, money and manual labor! Thank you for your kind words and love for our team members. 

Here is a thoughtful note from the Wheelers neighbor & bishop:
Please thank your team for what they did.  It was an act of service and kindness that will remain with me forever.  Your team is a great example of those who cherish their brother, love their neighbor, and serve mankind.  Thank you for allowing us to be part of your day, it made a great impact on all who were there.  Thank you for what you have done.
Sincerely, Steve Smith
I echo these words with my own, you guys are awesome! 
Proud to be a part of such and amazing group! 
-Coach Blair