Nationals 2017


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We have an amazing opportunity to swim in the sun's rays together in CALIFORNIA!
USMS Nationals swim meet is April 27-30 in RIVERSIDE, CA and we are going!

Masters Nationals is for everyone that would like to participate. You can swim in 3 events UNQUALIFIED, and 3 more if qualified. So anyone that wants to have the experience can swim!

We would love to put together relays so even if you don't have the times, you will have a chance to swim at least 3 individual events and 2 relays!

Here is the link to the qualifying times. Remember, you don't have to meet these times to swim!

MY ASK! PLEASE PLEASE reply to this email if you are planning on attending so we know how many will be there. Also reply with your intentions of either flying or driving. Also state your preference for lodging given limited availability. Stay with the group? Or do your own thing?


Location: Riverside, California (approximately 10 hour drive from SLC).

Event Date:
Thursday April 27th are long events (1000, 1650). Friday (28th)-Sunday(30th) are all other events. The event schedule is NOT FINAL yet! So don’t plan your days based on what they have posted yet.

The registration forms are not yet available. I will send mail when they are. NOTE: Registration typically closes the last week of March. If you wait too long you are out!

Unfortunately most all of the nicer hotels at the event rate have filled. It is possible to get rooms in those hotels at their premium rate (e.g. $130 per night event rate, $200 per night premium rate). There are some other hotels like the Comfort Inn that are available for immediate reservations if you call right away. Here is the info for the Comfort Inn with 13 rooms left to reserve right now.

Comfort Inn. 1.5 miles from Riverside Aquatics Complex 1590 University Ave Rate: $89.00 Riverside, CA 92507 * Complimentary parking Reservations: (951) 683-6000 * Complimentary hot breakfast; high-speed internet; use of fitness center

At The Event:
Teams typically pitch tents or sun shelters to stay out of the sun and bring folding lawn chairs to sit on. Tom will bring a tent or one of those folding sun shelters but we could use one more. We also need chairs for who ever wants them.

Tom will be driving his van down most likely. That is an opportunity for carpooling. It’s a 15 passenger van. Some may want to fly. Below is info Matt gathered around flights.

The flights out of Ontario airport, which is closest to the meet, are more expensive with fewer options. LAX has good prices but is a far drive. The John Wanye Airport (Orange City) seems reasonable. Below is a screenshot of a flight I found on google flights on Delta that seems reasonable.

Please let coach Blair or Tom know if you have any questions! We would love for you to join us at Nationals!


Team News

Team Calendar


  1. Blair Coaches
    • Calendar: South Davis Masters Calendar
    • Start time: 08:00pm


  1. Lynette coaches
    • Calendar: South Davis Masters Calendar
    • Start time: 06:00am

Saturday, June 24th

  1. Kia Coaches Workout
    • Calendar: South Davis Masters Calendar
    • Start time: 06:00am

Monday, June 26th

  1. Kirsten Coaches
    • Calendar: South Davis Masters Calendar
    • Start time: 06:00am

Tuesday, June 27th

  1. Kia Coaches
    • Calendar: South Davis Masters Calendar
    • Start time: 08:00pm